Comparative table

You can see here, which booster our product line is the best for specific engine deplacement. When you have detect the adequated booster for your application,click on this jump starter you will find more informations.

Hubraumtill 2500 ccmtill 4000 ccmtill 9000 ccmtill 13000 ccmtill 16000 ccmtill 55000 ccm
XPS 12-1
XPM 12-2
XPA 12-2
XPA 12/24-2
XPA 12/24-4
XPA 12/24-6
XPA 12/24-12


Ideal suitability

Power ratings are declared in this comparative table exklusively with engine deplacement, because a declaration with HP is not from explicit authority. So you can't trust the amount of PS, because these number depends on the eletronic system. A secured conclusion about the application of each booster is only possible with the comparison of the engine deplacement. Nethertheless if there are any doubts contact us.